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Nissan 13-14 Sentra 1.8L HPS Shortram Intake DIY Installation Guide

Vehicle Application: Nissan 2013-2014 Sentra 1.8L 4Cyl
Product Type: HPS Performance Shortram Air Intake Kit
HPS Part Numbers:
27-269P (Polished)
27-269WB (Wrinkle Black)
27-269BL (Powder Coated Blue)
27-269R (Powder Coated Red)

Some parts of the installation were a tight fit to get into, but besides removing the battery, the HPS shortram air intake for the 13-14 Nissan Sentra 1.8L is a straight forward job.

Installation Time: Approximately an hour

List of tools you will need:
- 8mm Socket
- 10mm Socket
- Ratchet
- Needle-nosed Pliers
- Flat-head (blade) screwdriver (optional)
- Allen Key for 4mm Bolts

Always remember to take precautions and use safety glasses and gloves when working on your car, and also let your car cool down completely before working on it.


First, remove the engine cover by pulling up at the front and rear of the cover.



Next, disconnect the negative, then positive battery terminals, and remove the battery tie down with the 8mm and 10mm sockets. Remove the battery from the engine bay.



To remove the air duct, remove the two bolts with the 10mm socket.



Disconnect the clips securing the MAF sensor harness on the air box.



Gently disconnect the MAF sensor harness from the sensor.



Loosen the hose clamp on the air box with either the flat-head screwdriver or the 8mm socket (if you have an extension). Once it's loosened, carefully remove the box from the engine bay.



Use the needle-nosed pliers to move the pinch-clamp away and remove the breather hose.



Loosen the hose clamp on the throttle body with either the flat-head screwdriver or 8mm socket. Once loosened, remove the air hose.



Install the HPS coupler onto the throttle body, and place the two provided T-bolt clamps onto the coupler.



To get the intake pipe ready for installation, slide the air straightener into the MAF side of the pipe, and install the K&N air filter over it. Use the included 4mm Allen Head bolts to secure your stock MAF sensor onto the HPS pipe.



Slide the intake pipe into the HPS coupler on the throttle body. Rotate the pipe so it's not touching any engine bay parts (such as the brake master filler). Once the pipe is clear, tighten the T-bolt clamps, and install the 5/8" breather hose (trim if needed).



Connect the MAF sensor harness to the sensor.



Once everything is tightened and secured, re-install the air duct and battery, then the engine cover. Once everything is in place, start the car and let it idle. Check for any noises, rattles, or air leaks. If everything looks alright, take the car for a test drive, and stop immediately if any noises or problems occur. Periodically check the intake to make sure there is still clearance around the pipe, and that nothing has come loose.

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