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How to Install 08-13 Lexus IS-F HPS Silicone Air Intake Hose

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Vehicle Application: 08-13 Lexus IS-F
Product Type: HPS Performance Silicone Post MAF Air Intake Hose
HPS Part Numbers:
18521-BLK (Black)
18521-BLUE (Blue)
18521-RED (Red)

Estimated Install Time: 30 minutes

Tools needed:
- Needle-nosed pliers
- 10mm socket and wrench
- Philips (cross) screwdriver (optional)

Always remember to take precautions and use safety glasses and gloves when working on your car, and also let your car cool down completely before working on it.

blogISF intake hose 2

First, remove the engine cover. Disconnect the two engine breather hoses by removing the clamps with pliers (circled in green). There are two clamps securing the hose to the engine and air box (circled in red). Remove the clamps with a 10mm socket, or a Philips-head (cross) screwdriver. Once the clamps are loosened, remove the hose by pulling from the throttle body side first.


blogISF intake hose 3

Slide the included HPS Stainless Steel T-bolt clamps onto the HPS Silicone Intake Hose. Push the intake hose onto the air box first, then onto the throttle body. Tighten the two T-bolt clamps, and keep in mind that the air box side is plastic, so do not over-tighten the clamp on the air box side. Next, install the two breather hoses onto the Silicone Intake hose.


blogISF intake hose 4

Once everything is secured and tightened, re-install the engine cover and take a test drive to make sure there are no odd noises or issues.

Unlike other aftermarket air intake modification, since the HPS Silicone Post MAF Air Intake Hose is installed after the mass air flow sensor, the intake hose would not change the amount of air going thought the maf sensor and therefore there would be no check engine light.

To get more details regarding this Lexus ISF HPS Silicone Intake Hose such as the advantage of using silicone over aluminum, you can visit the links listed below:

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